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Blond Beer (Leffe Style) Beer recipe
Original gravity: 13.5 o PL
Alcohol: 6.5%
Colour: 8-12 EBC
Bitterness: 25 - 30 IBU
Leffe Blond is an authentic blond abbey beer with a slight hint of bitterness to it.

Leffe is a beer brand owned by InBev Belgium, the European operating arm of the global Anheuser–Busch InBev brewery giant.

Expert advice: “The first thing to appeal to me is Leffe Blond’s beautifully golden colour, which manages to catch and reflect the light. This unique colour is due to the use of pale malt, water, hop and yeast, of which this age-old recipe is composed. This blond, top-fermented beer will also win you over with its full, smooth and fruity flavour, which is followed by a strong and surprising aftertaste.”

Food Pairing: While this is a perfect aperitif beer, it also tastes delicious with a wide variety of dishes, especially red meat, sweet and sour dishes and white mould cheese, such as Camenbert, Brie, Brillat-Savarin or Saint-Marcellin. Leffe Blond is best served at 5-6°C in a beer chalice, which will allow all the flavours to come through.
INGREDIENTS / HL (1 hectolitre = 100 litres)

Château Pilsen 2RS 26 kg / hl
Château Pale Ale 1.5 kg / hl

Saaz 100 g / hl
Tradition 50 g / hl

Safbrew T-58 65 g / hl

Coriander 1 gr / hl

Mashing Temperature

Step1: Mashing
-Mash at 63 oC and rest for 80 minutes
-Raise the temperature to 68oC, rest for 15 minutes
-Raise the temperature to 78oC, rest for 2 minutes
Step 2: Boiling
Duration: 1 hour, the volume of wort declines by 6 - 10%
-After 10 minutes add Saaz;
-After 55 minutes add Halertauer Aroma and 1 gr of coriander;
-Remove the trub.
Step 3: Fermentation
Start at 25oC, raise the temperature to 28oC, allow the dyacetil to rest for 24 hours at the end of fermentation prior to yeast removal.
Step 4: Lagering
2 days at 12oC and 2 weeks at 0-1oC

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