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This device connects the gas line and the beer line to the keg. The keg coupler is also the device opening the valve in the keg allowing the beer out, and the gas in. Most domestic brewers use the "D" system keg coupler.
See Keg Coupler
A direct draw dispensing system consisting of a self contained thermostatically controlled refrigeration unit in which a single keg of beer is stored at the optimum temperature 38° F. The unit is equipped with beer dispensing hardware allowing a glass of beer to be properly poured from a faucet located on the outside of the unit. These units are available for purchase commercially and for home use. Also referred to as a keg box.
A complete set of items needed for a do it yourself person to change a refrigerator into a kegerator. A standard kit will include; a single gauge regulator, gas line with clamps, beer line, door spacer, beer faucet with shank, drip tray assembly, faucet wrench, keg coupler and instructions. Additional items needed include a CO2 cylinder and a cleaning kit.
The whole grain or seed of a cereal or the inner portion of a seed.
The boiling vessel, also known as a copper.
Clarifying agents which are added during the boil; sometimes referred to as copper finings. The most commonly used kettle fining is Irish moss.
Diatomaceous earth, a powder of microscopic fossils, used to filter beer.
Unit of measure. 1 Kilderkin = 18 Imperial Gallons
A stove or furnace for hardening, burning or drying materials, such as bricks, grains, or hops.
The process of drying germinated barley. Kilning terminates the germination process and roasts the grain. The degree of kilning determines the final characteristics of the malt being produced. The lowest temperature and duration kilnings provide a light straw-colored malt. Higher temperatures and longer kilning produce specialty malts like roast, chocolate or black patent.
A small quantity of sweet, unfermented wort added to finished beer. This wort ferments to produce natural carbonation.
The addition of a small proportion of partly fermented wort to a brew during lagering. Stimulates secondary fermentation and imparts a crisp, spritzy character.
A Belgian-style beer made with cherries.
The only beer glass with a handle. Typically very heavy and sturdy. They can have different textures and come in different sizes. Also called a mug or seidel.
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