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The bubbling-up or fizz in beer caused by dissolved carbon dioxide gas. See carbonation, carbon dioxide.
A strong German lager in which ice forms in the final stages of secondary fermentation, thus concentrating the alcohol.
The nutritive tissue of a seed, consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, and lipids.
A gold to copper colored ale, with pronounced hop bitterness. The terms Ordinary Bitter, Best Bitter, and Strong Bitter are commonly used to refer to increasingly higher strength versions of Bitter. Stronger versions may also be referred to as English Pale Ale.
Abbey style definition. Single.
Old term meaning to combine the first, middle, and last runnings into one batch of beer.
Magnesium sulfate. A common mineral found in water, it is sometimes used to increase the magnesium content of water and make the water hard.
Tasteless intermediate dextrin. Positive reaction with iodine.
Extra Special Bitter. A type of English Pale Ale, typified by Fuller's ESB.
The aromatic volatile liquid of the hop.
Volatile flavor compound naturally created in fermentation. Often fruity, flowery or spicy.
Aroma or flavor reminiscent of flowers or fruits.
The form of alcohol produced by yeast during fermentation.
One of the more commonly found esters in beer, which in small amounts gives many ales a subtle fruity character. If present in excessive amounts, will result in unpleasant, solventy flavors.
See International Bittering Units.
The total solids contained in a liquid, (e.g., wort).
A simplified brewing process, in which most (or all) of the fermentable sugars come from malt extract syrups or powders. Extract brewing is quite popular -- especially among beginner to intermediate home brewers -- because it requires less equipment and time. If the malt extracts are very fresh, extract brewing can produce excellent beer; however, it does not afford the degree of control available with all-grain brewing.
The soluble material derived from barley malt and adjuncts. Not necessarily fermentable.
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