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Beer recipe - Belgian Blond Ale
ABV 7.0%Color 22 EBC Bitterness* 28 IBU
Recipe for a typical Belgian Blond Ale. Golden coloured beer, slightly malty, with light caramel notes and high complexity brought by the Belgian yeast. During fermentation, the yeast shows all its power: moderate-high extract attenuation and high production of aromas, such as fruity esters and spicy phenolics, typical of a Belgian blond. During the tasting, this beer has a dry finish, always asking for another sip.
*The bitterness depends on the alpha acid content of hops, boiling conditions and other parameters.

Château Pilsen 2RS 79.0% / 20.7 kg
Château Abbey® 15.0% / 3.9 kg
Château Cara Blond® 5.0% / 1.3 kg
Château Special Belgium® 1.0% / 0.3 kg

Magnum (12.0% AA) 75 g
Styrian Golding (4.0% AA) 75 g
Hallertau Mittelfruh (4.5% AA) 75 g

SafAle T-58 80 g
Mashing temperature
Step 1: Mashing
Mash-in and follow the profile below:
pH5.3Mix Ratio2.5 L/kg
Mash-in at 64°C.
Rest for 50min at 64°C.
Rise to 72°C at 1°C/min.
Rest for 15min at 72°C and do the Iodine Test.
Rise to 78°C at 1°C/min.
Rest for 2min at 78°C to mash out.
Once the mash is done, filter and sparge with water at 78°C
Step 2: Boiling
Boil for 75min. Hop addition 1: After 15min add Nugget.
Hop Addition 2: After 70min add Styrian Golding and H Mittelfruh.
Whirlpool to remove the trub
Total evap7.5%Batch size100LOG15.3oPEfficiency80%
Step 3: Fermentation and Maturation
Cool down the wort to 18°C and pitch the yeast.
Ferment at 18°C for 2 days then rise to 22°C. Once the fermentation is done (FG reached and off flavours removed – about 7 days), drop the temperature to 8°C and rest for 1 day and then harvest the yeast. Drop the temperature to 2°C and rest for 10 days.
Step 4: Cold Aging and Packaging Cold age the beer at -1°C for 5 days, remove the residual yeast, and carbonate until 5.1 g/L of CO2. The beer is ready for packaging and drinking. Enjoy!
*For refermentation in the bottle, add brewing sugar and SafAle F-2.

Esta receita é oferecida pela Castle Malting ®. Um resultado bem-sucedido não pode ser garantido. Algumas modificações podem ser necessárias para atender a características específicas dos ingredientes e condições tecnológicas específicas da cervejaria.

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