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Hoppy Ale Beer recipe
ABV 4.8% Color 25 EBC Bitterness* 20 IBU
Now, using the same base recipe (Gruit Ale), let's see the importance of hops in brewing today. The hop chosen to be added (Cascade) brings the bitterness and citrus notes to the beer, reminiscent of a pale ale. Although this hop variety does not originate from the time and region of early use of hops in beer production, it represents the modern hop culture very well.
*The bitterness depends on the alpha acid content of hops, boiling conditions and other parameters.
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7970 Beloeil, Belgium
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Château Pilsen 2RS 70% / 12.7 kg
Château Munich 20% / 3.6 kg
Château Crystal® 10% / 1.8 kg

Cascade (6.0% AA) 180 g

SafAle US-05 180 g
Mashing temperature
Step 1: Mashing
Mash-in and follow the profile below:
pH5.3Mix Ratio3.0 L/kg
Mash-in at 67°C.
Rest for 50min at 67°C.
Rise to 72°C at 1°C/min.
Rest for 15min at 72°C and do the Iodine Test.
Rise to 78°C at 1°C/min.
Rest for 2min at 78°C to mash out.

Once the mash is done, filter and sparge with water at 78°C.
Step 2: Boiling
Boil for 60min.
Hop addition 1: After 10min add 60g of Cascade.
Hop addition 2: After 45min add 60g of Cascade.
Hop addition 3: After 55min add 60g of Cascade.
Whirlpool to remove the trub
Total evap6%Batch size100LOG10.8oPEfficiency80%
Step 3: Fermentation and Maturation
Cool down the wort to 18°C and pitch the yeast.
Ferment at 18°C for 1 day then rise to 22°C. Once the fermentation is done (FG reached and off flavours removed – about 7 days), drop the temperature to 8°C and rest for 1 day and then harvest the yeast. Drop the temperature to 2°C and rest for 7 days.
Step 4: Cold Aging and Packaging
Cold age the beer at -1°C for 5 days, remove the residual yeast and carbonate until 5.0 g/L of CO2. The beer is ready for packaging and drinking. Enjoy!

For refermentation in the bottle, add brewing sugar and SafAle F-2.

Данный рецепт разработан компанией Castle Malting®. Обратите внимание, что этот рецепт является ориентировочным для придания особого характера Вашему пиву. B процессе варки могут потребоваться некоторые изменения, вызванные техническими условиями пивоварни, качеством воды и др.

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