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Hoppy Ale

Enter beer volume: Litres
100 Litres = 1 hl = 0.852 Barrels = 303 Bottles (x 0.33 Litres) *
  Exact quantity   Adjusted quantity **
CHÂTEAU PILSEN 2RS 3-3.5 EBC 13.700 kg 25 kg
CHÂTEAU CARA CLAIR® Max. 9 EBC 2.300 kg 25 kg
CHÂTEAU ROASTED BARLEY 1000-1400 EBC 0.500 kg 25 kg
CHÂTEAU CHOCOLAT 900-1100 EBC 1.800 kg 25 kg
CHÂTEAU ABBEY® (CHÂTEAU MONASTIQUE for the US market) 41-49 EBC 4.600 kg 25 kg
EAST KENT GOLDINGS (UK) Pellets T90 (5KG) 0.290 kg 5 kg
SAFALE S-04 (500G) 0.065 kg 0.5 kg
Cassonade dark 700 EBC (Brown sugar dark) (25 KG) 0.500 kg 25 kg

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* 100 Litres = 1 hl = 0.852 Barrels = 303 Bottles (x 0.33 Litres)
** Adjusted to the minimum order quantity depending on the packaging type.

Note: All products calculated for this beer recipe can be added to your order or price quotation request. You can modify your order before sending it to our staff. Please note that we cannot guarantee the stock availability of all the products listed. The products quantity will be adjusted to a minimum quantity depending on the packaging type.
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