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The degree to which an ion or radical is able to combine directly with others.
A roller mill designed for home brewing use, manufactured by Valley Brewing Equipment. Like the other mills available to homebrewers, the Valley Mill has a very loyal following. Similar to the Maltmill, but with a larger standard hopper, and parallel roller adjustment. (See mill wars.)
Pentanedione and diacetyl, two closely related fermentation by-products with strong aromas.
A toasted malt, similar to biscuit malt.
A German-style lager that is sweet, malty and reddish in color. It was originally brewed in Vienna.
An amber or light brown lager, with a light toasted character.
Wine-like. Typically referred to beer that has the off-flavor of an old opened bottle of wine caused by the reaction of esters and alcohols with acids.
A submicroscopic organism that contains genetic information but cannot reproduce itself. To replicate, it must invade another cell and use parts of that cell's reproductive machinery.
Of glutinous consistency; the resistance of a fluid to flow. The degree of "mouth-feel" of a beer.
In chemistry, any one of those acids which can be distilled from an Acid aqueous solution at atmospheric pressure, such as acetic, and butyric acid. Fixed acids such as tartaric, phosphoric, etc., cannot be removed by distillation.