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Blond Buckwheat Beer Beer recipe
Alcohol: 6 %
Blond Beer with a delicate aroma, perfect for people with Celiac disease or who are just sensitive to the gluten contained in barley and wheat.
This is a great, well-balanced gluten-free beer with delicate aromas.
The diastatic power of Château Buckwheat Malt is too low to use it at 100% rate of the malt mix. Therefore, it is advisable to include Pilsen malt into the mash. In the European Union a "gluten free" beer is considered a beer with less than 20 ppm of gluten.

INGREDIENTS / HL (1 hectolitre = 100 litres)

Château Pilsen 2RS 18 kg / hl
Château Buckwheat 10 kg / hl
Magnum 50 g / hl
Perle 50 g / hl
Polaris 30 g / hl
Safbrew BE 256 (Abbaye) 60 g / hl
Mashing Temperature
Step 1: Mashing
-Mash at 62oC : 20 minutes
-Rest at 63oC : 80 minutes
-Rest at 72oC : 15 minutes
-Rest at 78oC : 2 minutes
Step 2: Boiling
Duration: 1hour 15 minutes
-After 10 minutes add Magnum;
-After 55 minutes add Perle and Polaris.
-Remove the trub
Step 3: Cooling
Step 4: Fermentation 25-26oC
Step 5: Lagering 1 day at 12oC, and 2 weeks at 0-1oC

This recipe is provided by Castle Malting®. Please note that this recipe is just a guideline allowing you to add a personal touch to your beer. Please note that some modifications may be required to meet the specific technological conditions of the brewery defined by equipment, water etc.
For further information & service please contact: info@castlemalting.com
Brewing is an experiment! Brew your own beer!
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