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Firma nyheder

Castle Malting® announces the launch of NEW WHEAT malts!

Castle Malting Team starts this year with some great news! We are happy to announce the launch of 3 new varieties of wheat malts that are available on our website!

Wheat Smoked gives a strong smoked aroma and flavor to the beer and enhances the head formation and retention due to its high protein levels.
Wort color: 4-12 EBC/ 2.0-5.1 Lovibond

Wheat Arome add subtle notes of baked bread and biscuit to your beer. The beer will have a golden hue and a light to medium body.
Wort color: 80-100 EBC/ 30.6-38.1 Lovibond

Wheat Cafe imparts to the beer a rich character of roasted wheat. This malt will add coffee notes to your beer with a lower bitterness.
Wort color: 350-450 EBC/ 131.8-169. Lovibond

All these malts are available in stock now. Feel free to add them to your next order!

Offentliggjort: 1/22/2021

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