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Low Alcoholic Beer Beer recipe
ABV 0.5%Color 70 EBCBitterness* 15 IBU
Producing a quality non-alcoholic beer with the same attributes as an alcoholic beer is still a huge challenge. Thus, we use a special yeast capable of consuming only the simplest sugars in the wort, producing a low alcohol level and typical fermentation aromas. And on top of it, we make use of specialty malts and adjuncts to bring this beer to life.
With a dark colour and light body, this beer has a slightly malty aroma and taste with notes of caramel, chocolate and coffee. A great alternative for those looking for a non-alcoholic and refreshing sensory experience.
*The bitterness depends on the alpha acid contentof hops, boiling conditions and other parameters.

Château Pilsen 2RS 60.0% / 5.5 kg
Château Wheat Blanc® 12% / 1.1 kg
Château Oat Flakes 10.0% / 0.9 kg
Château Cara Gold® 8.0% / 0.7 kg
Château Chocolat 5.0% / 0.5 kg
Château Wheat Black 5.0% / 0.5 kg

Magnum (12.0% AA) 40 g

SafAle LA-01 80 g
Mashing temperature
Step 1: Mashing
Mash-in and follow the profile below:
pH5.3Mix Ratio2.5 L/kg
Mash-in at 68°C.
Rest for 50min at 68°C.
Rise to 72°C at 1°C/min.
Rest for 15min at 72°C and do the Iodine Test.
Rise to 78°C at 1°C/min.
Rest for 2min at 78°C to mash out.
Once the mash is done, filter and sparge with water at 78°C
Step 2: Boiling
Boil for 60min.
Hop addition: After 30min add Magnum.
Whirlpool to remove the trub
Total evap
Batch size
Step 3: Fermentation and Maturation
Cool down the wort to 18°C and pitch the yeast.
As the beer at the end of fermentation will contain a lot of residual fermentable sugars, it is mandatory to pasteurize the beer after packaging (between 80 and 120 PU). This yeast is not suitable for cropping and repitching.
Ferment at 18°C. Once the fermentation is done (FG reached and off flavours removed – about 5 days), drop the temperature to 8°C and rest for 1 day and then harvest the yeast. Drop the temperature to 2°C and rest for 7 days.
Step 4: Cold Aging and Packaging
Cold age the beer at -1°C for 5 days, remove the residual yeast, and carbonate until 5.0 g/L of CO2. The beer is ready for packaging and drinking. Enjoy!

*For refermentation in the bottle, add brewing sugar and SafAle F-2.

Цей рецепт розроблений компанією Castle Malting®. Звертаємо вашу увагу, що цей рецепт є лише орієнтовним, для надання особливого характеру пиву. Можливо, в процесі пивоваріння варто буде внести деякі зміни відповідно до технічних умов пивоварні, ефективності та виходу інгредієнтів, якості води та ін.
За більш детальною інформацією та обслуговуванням звертайтеся за електронною адресою

Пивоваріння – це експеримент! Зваріть пиво за власним рецептом!
Надішліть нам свій рецепт, і ми будемо раді опублікувати його на нашому веб-сайті.
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