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Beer recipe - Northern German Altbier
ABV 4.8% Color 37 EBC Bitterness 35 IBU
This recipe is an example of traditional German Altbier, with a brown-coppery color, pronounced bitterness balanced with strong malty flavor with a nice touch of caramel notes.
Glass: Stange Glass
Temperature: 4-8°C
You can tweak the sweet caramel or roasted aromas by adjusting the percentage of Cara Crystal and Black malt.

Château Pilsen 2RS 44% / 7.6 kg
Château Vienna® 40% / 6.9 kg
Château Cara Clair® 5% / 0.9 kg
Château Cara Crystal 10% / 1.7 kg
Château Black 1% / 0.2 kg
Magnum (12.0% aa) 35.0 IBU / 115 g

SafAle K-97 65 g

Mashing Temperature

Step 1: Mashing
Mash-in and follow the profile below:
pH5.3Mix Ratio3.0 L/kg
Mash-in at 63°C
Rest for 45min at 63°C
Rise to 72°C at 1°C/min
Rest for 20min at 72°C and do the Iodine Test
Rise to 78°C at 1°C/min
Rest for 2min at 78°C to mash out

Once the mash is done, filter and sparge with water at 78°C
Step 2: Boiling
Boil for 60min.
Hop addition 1: After 10min add Magnum.
Whirlpool to remove the trub
Total evap6.0%Batch size100LOG11.2oPEfficiency85%
Step 3: Fermentation and Maturation
Cool down the wort to 16°C and pitch the yeast.
Ferment at 16°C for 2 days then rise to 18°C. Once the fermentation is done (FG reached and off-flavors removed – about 7 days), drop the temperature to 8°C and rest for 1 day, and then harvest the yeast. Drop the temperature to 2°C and rest for 7 days.
Step 4: Cold Aging and Packaging
Cold age the beer at -1°C for 5 days, remove the residual yeast, and carbonate until 2.5 volumes of CO2. The beer is ready to package and drink. Enjoy!

*For refermentation in the bottle, add brewing sugar and SafAle F-2.

Această rețetă este furnizată de Castle Malting®.

Vă rugăm să rețineți că această rețetă este doar un ghid care vă permite să adăugați o notă personală la bere. Vă rugăm să rețineți că este posibil să fie necesare anumite modificări pentru a îndeplini condițiile tehnologice specifice ale fabricii de bere definite de echipamente, apă etc. Creați-vă propria bere!

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